Card Transaction Data

Card Transactions data reports on the monthly number of credit and debit card transactions at a business.


Enigma’s Card Transactions data provides visibility into the number of debit and credit transactions for around 16 million business locations across the U.S. View the average monthly transactions at a business over the previous one-month, three-month and twelve-month periods.

How to use this data

Card Transactions data is used by credit risk, underwriting, and marketing teams. A lack of transactions in a given month can be a powerful predictor that a business has revenue interruptions or serious distress. Understanding transaction volumes can help underwriters more accurately assess the risk of new prospects.

Current customers have found the number of transactions to have definitive splitting power in predicting delinquencies. Transaction volumes can also be used for improving pre-approvals, as well as marketing segmentation and qualification.

Sample API output

{ "card_transactions": { "end_date": "2020-08-31", "1m": { "start_date": "2020-08-01", "average_monthly_count": null, "present": true }, "3m": { "start_date": "2020-06-01", "average_monthly_count": 140.25, "present": true }, "12m": { "start_date": "2019-09-01", "average_monthly_count": 250.30, "present": true } } }