Customer Count

Enigma’s Customers Data reports on the average number of customers a business has, based on credit and debit card transactions.


The number of customers making credit or debit card purchases at a business is a valuable indicator of the business’s financial health and resiliency. All else equal, businesses with a more diverse customer base are less risky than those that rely on a small number of customers. Enigma provides the average daily number of customers at a business over the previous one-month, three-month, and twelve-month periods. This attribute is built from a panel of more than 750 million anonymized credit and debit cards.

How to use this data

Customer counts can be used for credit risk monitoring, underwriting, and marketing use cases. Customer trends can help underwriting and risk teams better assess risk and predict future spend. Marketing teams can also leverage this data to increase direct marketing ROI by ensuring their campaigns only target qualified leads.

Sample API output

{ "card_customers": { "end_date": "2020-08-31", "1m": { "start_date": "2020-08-01", "average_daily_count": 10.20 }, "3m": { "start_date": "2020-06-01", "average_daily_count": 30.15 }, "12m": { "start_date": "2019-09-01", "average_daily_count": 70.68 } } }