Enigma Engineering

Built to tackle complex challenges at scale

Enigma’s data linking software enables information extraction and entity resolution, transforming data into solutions.

TechnologyTechnologyIdentifying andAcquiring DataAccess and Data QualityOntology MappingEntityResolving and LinkingRendering Knowledge Graphs

Powered by machine learning, our technology links semi-structured data from multiple sources to present a single unified view. Our engineers and data scientists are tackling some of today’s hardest problems:

Entity resolution and linking

Our team works on extracting entities from unstructured data, resolving them and probabilistically identifying edge relationships. You can expect to use multiple machine learning techniques and implement them on terabyte-scale datasets.

Maneuvering with data at scale

Using technologies like Spark, our engineers are continuously improving how we can run performant computation and querying on larger and increasingly heterogeneous datasets.

Semantic encoding and inference

Building and mapping ontologies to data is core to every engagement at Enigma. We are defining how to construct highly effective ontologies that let organizations add semantic meaning to their data, paving the way for more intuitive querying and analysis.