Small Business Database

Discover the small businesses that matter to your business.

With Enigma's data, you can build customized lists of your top prospects. Define the exact customer segments that matter to you, filtering by industry, ecommerce presence, monthly card revenues, and growth rate.

Accurate financial data about any small business that accepts credit cards.

Covering more than 16 million business locations, Enigma gives you access to the most comprehensive database of card-accepting small businesses across the U.S.

Build a customized prospect list based on the criteria you care about, from monthly card revenues to average transaction size.

Case Study

Consumer financing company finds $8.9M in incremental revenue with Enigma data

Our customer, a consumer financing company, used Enigma's data to improve prospecting of new merchants. With Discover, they identified new merchants that met their ICP criteria, leading to a higher conversion rate and an estimated $8.9M in incremental revenue.

High coverage, high signal

Icon of growing signal bars.


Discover the fastest-growing small businesses, before the competition.


Tap into intelligence about more than 16 million card-accepting business locations, from all over the country.


Set criteria to match your ICP. Easily identify and exclude non-operational, closed, or declining businesses.

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